About me

This website was created to express myself wth little words and with lustful feelings.


My name is Selena an l am an elite companion with an exclusive style.l have made my personal companionship available to upscale, professiona lgentlemen.l strive to provide the best companionship for every occasion, be it lunch, dinner, travel or just a few hours of pleasure.l possess sex appeal, feminity, humor, stunning looks and of course, that something special.

l trully enjoy what l do.Which l believe is evident in my friendly and playfull demeanor.l enjoy spending these moments with mes of warmth, generosity and depth. l treat those l meet in the same fashion as a date met under any other circumstance and appreciate when that courtesy is returned.l look for and provide a memory of the utmost mutual satisfaction. Althought, l may not be for everyone, l am hoping that l am for you.

When l'm not entertaining friends, l practice yiga and practicipate in a variety of physical activities.l enjoy a healthy lifestyle, traveling, fine dining and a wide variety of music.


l love to laugh, and am quite fond of funny poeple.

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